There is no job available for me. Everywhere you need  “mamas” or” khalus”  to get a job.  Without a recommendation, no one can get a job.”

We always hear this kind of hopeless vagabond talk from our young
generation .But we never thought what an employer thinks when he or
she is recruiting for his or her company. The employer will not recruit a
person who will be a burden in nearer future for the company. The
employer always wants to recruit someone who will be an asset to the
company, who will take the company to the apex of success .Who has
the ability of leadership and with his leadership skill he will lead the
company in the new horizon .The employer wants ownership quality to
be dependable. Good communication skill to maintain a soothing

relationship with the client is another skill which an employer look for in
an employee. To present the goods or the products of the company
whether it is a virtual product or a physical product, an employer needs
an employee, who is a master of presentation skill.
In today’s age everybody needs to be a champion in using IT. Without
the proper knowledge of using IT, nobody can dream of a progressive
career. Along with IT skill, an employee needs to have the creativity to
complete his task in a more efficient way.
An employee has to be enough confident to take initiative for the
betterment of the company. He has to have the quality of collaboration
to achieve his target. Along with these skills, an employee also needs to

be very time conscious and also he has to fulfill his social
The most important quality an employee should possess is gratefulness.
Because if an employee doesn’t show gratefulness to the company, then
he is not loyal to the company. To work for a company or an
organization an employee has to be very loyal and loyalty comes from

If we have these qualities and a virtue of perseverance, then the dream job is waiting for us. We need to nurture these qualities to have a better future. Hope we all can get our dream job and do better things for the country.