While I was writing this essay my aim was:
To address all parts of the task.
To present a clear position throughout the response
And I must present, extend and support main ideas
To sequence information and ideas logically
To manage all aspects of cohesion well
To use paragraphing sufficiently and appropriately
To present a clear central topic within each paragraph
To use a wide range of vocabulary
To be fluent and flexible to convey precise meanings
To be skilfull to use uncommon lexical items
To produces rare errors in spelling and/or word formation
To use a wide range of structures
To be focused so that the majority of sentences are error-free
Billions of dollars are spent on space research. This is a waste of money. More money must be spent on improving the problems of people on earth.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Space exploration consumes a huge amount of money while it has very few benefits for the people on the earth. Some people advocate for solving the problems of mass people more money ought to (SHOULD) be invested. In my personal opinion, money should be allocated to address (SOLVE) the basic problems of the human race like food, health and elementary education.
The population of the world is increasing alarmingly and to feed this population adequate amount of food is needed while the arable land is decreasing significantly day by day. To deal (SOLVE) with major issue more research is required to cultivate genetically modified food and, therefore, a large amount of money should be poured into this type of research. Added to this, money needed to be allowed to preserve produced food, so that this food can be consumed when there are any scarcities of food. Moreover, depth research is vital to reduce a range of chemical agents, used to cultivate crops. This will result in (EVENTUATE IN) pollution-free food.
Another point to consider is that the budget which is spent on medical problems. More budget should be managed in the health sector to ensure proper treatment for all common people around the world. In some countries, the basic medical support is still out of reach of general people. In addition, people are still dying of diseases which are curable but for the lack of money they cannot afford it. Apart from it, to drive new viruses well funded medical research is a must.
Finally, primary education (BASIC, ELEMENTARY) is a prime need for every man, but in this age of modern technology, in some developing countries, there yet to set up schools or institutes to ensure it. They need a substantial amount of money in order to erect schools and tech-institute to provide the people with necessary education and vocational training to ensure a literate and better world. In addition, once sufficient money is allotted for primary elementary education people will be more aware of themselves and, this will result in a prosperous time for the world.
In conclusion, I would like to restate my point that more money should be spent to resolve the primary issues of common people living on earth rather than on research on space, which has little (very nominal) effect in improving the lives of people as a whole.