Immigrate to Canada

immigrate to Canada

The discussion about which country to choose for immigration is something that deserves plenty of brainstorming and calculation since it is about your future life. Therefore, you need concrete data to work with and depending on that you have to choose where you want to be within six months. However, to ease your quest to reach your dream country this write up will definitely help you. At the outset, below questions are the measurements to select a country for immigration.

Is every culture respected equally in your dream country?


What about Social Attachment?


Is education level is up to the mark and is their new openings for jobs?


 Are religious sentiments valued by the government?


What government thinks about the immigrants? 


Among all the country let ’s take Canada first.


Why Immigrate to Canada?

Canada takes up about two-fifths of the North American region, making it the second-largest country after Russia. Canada is an advanced country and has the fifteenth-highest nominal per capita income globally as well as the tenth-highest ranking in the Human Development Index. It ranks among the highest in international measurements of TIB, civil freedoms, quality of life, economic sovereignty, and education.


All Culture has equal respect

Canada, in 1971 under the shrewd leadership of Pierre Trudeau became the first county in the world to officially adopt multiculturalism as a policy and by doing so confirmed to its people that it values the life and dignity of all people regardless of gender, race, or religion. Unlike the U.S and Europe for example which has a conspicuous culture and history, Canada is aware that culture is a watery concept, and cannot be enforced on people. By maintaining values and laws, this North American country has been able to assimilate many different languages, food, and cultures, into its boundary of multiculturalism.



Social attachment

Canada’s social comprehensive strategies have won many hearts, particularly those people who have seen nothing but violence in their native countries. People who are persecuted for being a religious minority in other countries are able to experience equality in social structure security, due to the application of laws safeguarding them in Canada. For example, even for students under a Student Visa in Canada are offered the opportunity to work in Canada after graduation and are also allowed to apply for permanent residency and eventually Canadian citizenship.


Education level and job opportunities

People who arrive in Canada have entree to its excellent education system, which includes several of the world’s best institutions for higher education. Now the level of education is better than Australia and the students of Canada are doing better than the US students.  There are also great employment chances available to eligible skilled foreign workers who move to Canada. Thousands of foreign workers are needed by Canadian companies and firms to fill job vacancies in a range of in-demand occupations.

Although many people have varying reasons for moving to Canada, topmost of all is the need and desire of a better life. Whatever, your reasons, Canadian immigration can provide you and your family with wonderful possibilities of a bright future, including the option to become a citizen of Canada.

Religious sentiments are valued by the Canadian government


A few years ago France was the first country to ban the burqa because according to French constitution, wearing religious symbols in public harms the secular nature of the state. Following the burqa ban in France, several European countries followed suit and banned the Muslim face-veil, including Bulgaria and Switzerland. Canada, however, is a land where people are free to express their religion as they wish, whether that includes wearing the turban or veil.


Canada’s Minister of Immigration is Somali-born

It is to Canada’s credit that the Canadian Immigration Minister is a former Somali refugee and has now been placed to oversee Canada’s federal immigration policies. A figure of hope and everything that Canada represents as a country of acceptance and willing to grant opportunities regardless of origin.

Mr. Ahmed Hussen is a Muslim who arrived in Canada as a refugee from Somalia at the age of 16, was sworn in as Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship after a cabinet reshuffle by Justin Trudeau the Canadian Prime Minister.

A symbol and a real manifestation of the openness of the Canadian government, Mr. Hussen is one of 20 visible minority MPs elected in the Cabinet, a record in Canadian political history. Upon his appointment, Mr. Hussein is quoted as saying “the story of Canada is the story of immigration, and I’m especially proud and humbled that the Prime Minister would task me with this important role.”

Now, you can apply for immigration in the below-mentioned category.

Express Entry

Immigrate as a skilled worker

Quebec-selected skilled workers

Immigrate as a skilled worker in the province of Quebec

Start-up visa

Immigrate by starting a business and creating jobs

Immigrant Investors

Immigrate by investing in the Canadian economy


Immigrate as a self-employed person in cultural or athletic activities, or as a farmer

Family sponsorship

Sponsor your relatives, including your spouse, partner, children, parents, grandparents, and others to immigrate

Provincial nominees

Immigrate by being nominated by a Canadian province or territory

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Immigrate by graduating from a school or working in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, or Newfoundland and Labrador.


Immigrate by providing care for children, the elderly or those with medical needs, or work as a live-in caregiver

In conclusion, to choose a country for immigration you can surely choose Canada as your destination.

Canada is a country where you will find rules to help you, to guide you and to protect you.