As technology evolved, the mode of communication throughout the world has changed drastically within a very short span of time. The discussion about whether social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has taken place the conventional methods of communicating and people nowadays are frequently using these media to communicate and to follow news and events is a topic that requires an in-depth analysis. However, in the perspective of my present circumstances, I would, state that advantages of the said issue outweigh the disadvantages.

There appears to be a range of advantages in this regard. The very first one that I would bring here is that many social thinkers think, social media is more effective for communication purpose and to get the update news and events than the conventional ways. For example,when people use social online platforms as a media to communicate and to follow the follow the events and news, they find it more convincing as it is rapid and reliable and, therefore, using social media as a tool to contact others and to know the current news and events is far more advantages than the regular approaches of communicating and following news and events. Moreover, social media provides information without censor and that is why people get to know the truth of every news and events. In addition, there is no restriction on it, helping people to utilize the power of freedom of speech.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages too. First of all, without a good internet connection, you cannot get access to these social media sites. For example, in the remote area slow internet data transfer speed will cause numerous problems in communication, as a result, conventional ways of communication are more effective than using social media to communicate or to get the news and events updates. To add more, some tech experts also stated that, sometimes social media spread false news and events and, therefore, causing gravely communication errors among the people.

Discussing all the factors on both the sides, in conclusion, I would like to restate my opinion that advantages of using social media as a method of communication and to get a trail of news and events outweigh the disadvantages.